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Maggie is a young dog who’s owners moved and left her tied at the house that was her home. New people moved in and accepted her. At this time Maggie was in very poor health. Her newly acquired owners tried to help her, but due to her many health conditions it made it hard for them to understand just what was going on with her. They contacted ROAR. Maggie was literally skin on top of bones. She had a huge TVT tumor as well as a prolapsed vulva from being torn apart while being mated. She was positive with ehhlichia, anaplasmosis and heart worm and very sad.

Maggie has been living with a foster since June. There she had been surrounded by love and caring and lots of friends! She has had other foster dogs and cats to play with, even chickens and ducks. She loves to play tug o war and run on the beach. When someone approaches the house she barks to let you know. She is a protector. It is time for Maggie to find a home to call her own and to make room at the foster’s house to help the next pup in need. Maggie would be a great addition to a family with a dog looking for a playmate. Please contact us to meet Ms Maggie Mae!

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