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Looking for a very special foster or adoptive family for Bandita

 Bandita is a 2-3yrs old female stray who was found roaming around Gibson Bight in May.  By July people in the neighborhood were able to pick her up because she was too injured to walk. She was brought to Bonanza Vet Clinic very weak with a high fever, severe mange, and secondary fungal & bacterial skin infections. She was positive for Ehrlichia & anaplasmosis.

 After a week of intensive care with her fosters, she showed massive improvement in all areas except for the incontinence (bowel & bladder). An X-ray was done showing an “old” fractured pelvis. The Dr. believes that the incontinence is a result of nerve compression & we were optimistic for her condition to improve with medical treatment. Her resilience is amazing!

3 months later, circumstances at her foster family have changed and sadly we need to rehome Bandita.  She is recovered from most of her medical issues, has great mobility and in the words of her foster Mom She would make a great guard dog and won't roam if she has a home. We can leave our gate open and she doesn't leave. She is very sweet and loves her food and gets quote excited and bouncy when you feed her. She just wants some love and attention, very loyal and protective once she trusts you.”

Bandita still suffers from the nerve compression, thus some incontinence.  However, consistent, regular and timely walks or being let out have worked wonders.  With proper shelter, Bandita could also be an outdoor pet.

This beautiful, playful and loving girl needs you!  She’s a wonderful companion and deserves a long and healthy life with a family of her own.    

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