Sweet Maggie Mae

When we first met Maggie Mae, she was a young dog whose owners had abandoned her and left her tied to a house that they had moved away from. New tenants moved in and found her. They tried to care for her, but her condition was dire and they weren’t sure what to do. They contacted ROAR. Maggie was literally skin on top of bones. She had a huge TVT tumor as well as a prolapsed vulva from being torn apart while being mated. She was positive with ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, and heart worm. It was quite sad.

In June 2022, Maggie was placed with one of our volunteer foster home that helped oversee her medical care. There she was surrounded by lots of loving new friends. After months of chemo, blood transfusion, and other medical attention Maggie Mae transformed to a beautiful, loving, healthy dog. On May 22, almost a year after her start with ROAR, Maggie Mae was adopted into a new family and now has her Furever Home. 


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