Star- The power of love

On May 9, 2021 our organization received notice of a severe case of animal abuse. Upon inspection, we found Star at her home emaciated, hairless, infected with Erhlichia and heartworm, and a rope around her neck and back let. At first, we thought there was no hope to save this poor dog, but every animal deserves kindness and a chance at life. With legal assistance, we removed Star from the home and rushed her to the vet. The rope around her neck had become imbedded, with the skin beginning to grow over it, and severely infected. Thankfully, the vet was able to slowly remove it. Afterward, she went into a medical foster and within a few months began to heal externally and internally. Star slowly started to trust again. Her coat grew back in and she once more became a beautiful pup. Her story only got better when a team of animal lovers and advocates found Star a home in Canada. Once again, lots of work and significant costs were put in to give Star the best years or her life. She lovers her new life and family in Canada, particularly running in the snow, playing with friends at the dog park, and is now happy and thriving.

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