Rocky is one of our rescue stories with a happy ending!  A year-old male pup, we first met Rocky when we spayed his mom, Bella.  We monitored their challenging environment and despite attempts to educate the owner on proper pet care, we too often we found Rocky on a short chain, no shelter, water and even less food.

We provided food and medicines for the dogs and neutered Rocky.
On a recent spot-check we found Rocky near death.  A temperature of 105, lying on a manure heap, foaming at the mouth and barely able to walk, Rocky was taken to one of our vet’s and diagnosed with a severe lung infection and heartworm. His owner agreed to surrender him to ROAR in hopes of finding a better outcome for the dog.

Rocky began treatments and a 2-week medical foster with our volunteer.  With care, medication and a clean place to recover, Rocky’s strength returned, the lung infection was cured and even better, Rocky met his future owner!

Rocky is now being treated for the heartworm, living with his new owner, a couple of other dogs and a safe, fenced yard.  We’re thrilled with this happy outcome and continue to support Rocky’s recovery with treatment, food and transportation for vet visits.

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