Little Miss Chula

We received a call about a puppy that was somehow injured but hard to tell from the photo that was received. The next day we went out to find the pup. There she was with her mom and dad living at a house right next to the main road. Her injury was immediately noticed! Her rear paw was almost as flat as a pancake. The owner said a motorcycle had run it over. She needed immediate help. We brought her to the vet and an X-ray was done. Tiny bones in her paw were crushed. She walked on the paw curled under. It was raw as well. Over the weeks we tried a few different approaches to try to heal and the vet thought amputation would be the best solution. We did not want that to happen. So for weeks we bandaged her paw during the day to help sit heal and to help hold it in the correct position. At night each time when the bandage was removed the swelling was down a bit, but morning it had come back.

This problem did not stop Chula from wanting to be a fun loving puppy. She ran and played and loved to be loved. 

After about 7 weeks someone who met her and feel in love wanted to add her to her pack of 5 others. We contact Chula’s original owner and explained she has a handicap and it would be best for her to go to a home where there was a fence and grass to protect her and her paw. It was agreed.

Chula’s new family spoils her. She has a new sibling that she loves to run and play on the grass with. Her paw has slowly improved bu will never be 100% but that is not stopping her from being a very happy playful and dearly loved pup!

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