Kemora- Gets Her Wheels and a Furever Home

In March of 2021, we received a call about a dog being run over by a car. We immediately went out and found Kemora. Due to her injuries, she had no ability to move her rear legs. She was also positive for Ehrlichia and heartworm. For months, we worked tirelessly with medications and multiple therapies hoping to bring back some moment to her back legs, but sadly to no avail. She was taken in by a local volunteer where she was happy and scooting around making the best of her condition, but this beautiful soul deserved so much more. We believed a miracle would somehow come her way!

In October 2021, a team of amazing people came together and with a lot of work and expense, Kemora found her forever home in Canada. (She and Star flew together via Panama to Canada) She hit the jackpot! She has been to every doctor imaginable, looking for ways to make mobility a possibility. Unfortunately, there was not the to be done, but now she has been fitted with a doggy wheelchair and is able to have fun and play like every dog deserves. All of her other aliments have been addressed, and she is now living an amazing, happy, spoiled, and safe life!

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