Bruno was found by accident on a sidewalk by volunteers looking for another dog. He was literally skin and bones. He had crusty eyes but what was most terrifying is the mucous running from his nose. Swiftly brought to the vet everyone thought this dog had distemper. He had to be brought to another vet to be tested. Thankfully he was negative. But Bruno (a name the volunteer gave him) was very sick. 

Not only a sever bacterial infection and erhlichia, Bruno also had TVT in his nostrils. (A contagious cancer). Bruno stayed at the vet clinic for a few days getting IV antibiotics and started chemo treatments. He went home to a med foster and continued to get treatments, gain weight and unfold to a beautiful boy.
He was adopted by a family with a huge fenced yard and now has a younger brother that he loves to run and play with. Bruno hit the jackpot!

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