“Sunsets & No Extra Pets”- Brewer Vet Clinic Comes to Roatan

 For 6 days in February 2020, Brewer Veterinary Clinic from Maine partnered with ROAR volunteers for a 6-day, free spay/neuter marathon to help Roatan’s local animals and pet owners. The clinics were held in 5 underserved communities on the eastern end of Roatan – Punta Gorda, Milton Bight, Diamond Rock, Oakridge, & Los Fuertes. 192 animals were sterilized, and 156 animals were examined.


This project started many months ago with lots of communication, prepping, organizing and getting approvals and permits. We can not thank Jaime Wheelden Bangs from Brewer Veterinary Clinic enough for choosing Roatan and ROAR for their first solo international clinics. Their entire team did amazing work. Working in the climate here is much different to what they’re used to, but that did not stop them from working long days in the heat and humidity that are not use to.

We also want to thank all of our volunteers. A lot of time & effort and assisting these clinics to make sure they go smooth, vets have what they need, translators, locating lunch & supply providers.


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