Flowers Bay Pop-Up Clinic


Wagging tails and exhausted volunteers are the sure signs of a day well spent!  And ROAR accomplished just that on July 22 -23, 2022 in Flowers Bay! Many folks came out to have their dogs checked. It was hot and we were busy but when you love what you do it’s no sweat!

In partnership with Abundant Life Foundation ROAR delivered a Spay/Neuter clinic in the beautiful park of their facility.  Over the two days, and despite winds that brought down our tent, we were able to consult on forty dogs, delivered spay/neuter surgeries to fourteen, and arranged for additional surgeries and/or medical treatments for another 10.  Thank you to all who donated supplies, the location, and those helpful community members who pitched in on the morning of day 2 to help us rebuild our surgical area!  

All the dogs seen were provided with flea and tick prevention medications and have been enrolled in our “Monthly Meds” low-cost medical program!  What a wonderful opportunity this is for the community of Flowers Bay to ensure they maintain healthy pets & a healthy community!

When you see the caring and love for pets it warms our hearts! This is our goal – to have every pet owner realize just how important it is to allow their pet to be part of their family.



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