Education Class in Punta Caliente


Friday, October 28, 2022, we held our first official Education Class on the East End. Dr Kevin Antunez of Animal Care Veterinary Clinic, was happy to lead the class with much informative information to about 30 people that attended. The presentation was about the importance of proper pet care, food/water, sterilization to disease prevention. Many people from the group had questions and there was lots of discussions. We brought 2 special guests with us, Cochita and Hunter. Being very different looking pups they were a hit with the children as well as the adults.

Getting into the communities and providing this information is so important for the wellbeing of island pets. Letting them know there are groups available for assistance when needed and the importance of bringing their pets to licensed veterinarians is crucial. This is phase 1. Next we will set up small clinics to spay and neuter.

Punta Caliente is a very small community with many pets. If we can make changes here we hope the positive impact will spread to communities nearby.

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