Covid Food Drive

How your generosity made a difference

On March 23, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, ROAR began distributing pet food in Roatan’s most vulnerable areas, to meet the needs of local families who have been financially affected by the national lock down.

We can’t begin to describe the impact the pandemic has had on a population where 85% of the economy is based on tourism. In mid-March, the Bay Islands of Honduras closed to all in-bound travel and all non-essential businesses, and on April 2nd the last humanitarian flight left Roatan returning tourists to the U.S.  As of May 1, 2020, we are in week 6 of the shut-down, and there are challenges unique to this relatively poor island.


In the last 6 weeks, ROAR supporters have donated over $9,000 and distributed over 12,000 lbs of pet food to needy families, especially in the remote east end of the island, and the need continues



We are grateful that the government’s actions have protected the health and lives of our residents, as Roatan simply does not have the medical infrastructure necessary to respond to a pandemic – but the costs have been staggering. Roatan remains COVID-19 free, but the vast majority of islanders are without any source of income and there is no end in sight. In large part, locals feed their pets by sharing leftovers from the evening meals. We are thankful for the many local charities and organizations distributing food bags for families in need, but it is not enough to share with their pets.



Neighbors are helping neighbors and generosity of spirit abounds. Yet, an overwhelming need remains to help the people of Roatan, who love their pets and desperately want to care for them.


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